Drinking should be fun.  Right? - RIGHT! I can never emphasize enough how much drinking water can impact your skin.  I LOVE this custom Yeti & it is probably as attached to me as my cell phone!  Go get yours and have fun staying hydrated too!

A Few of My Favorite Things...

If there is something out there that I've tried that I think is Amazing - well then I want to share it with YOU!  These are a few of my favorite things (cue Sound of Music) that really aid in taking care of your skin.  It's all about the the little things that ad up - right?

Let's do some pillow talk... this is one of my favorite things.

It's all the little things that add up - Right?!

Satin is softer on your skin = less wrinkles








So while you're resting, give your face a night of luxury.

Every night. You Will Love IT!

Oh ya, and totally awesome for your hair too = less breakage 

This is just hands down one of my favorite things that I know you would love too!

Microfiber Wash Cloths - yup, plain, simple, inexpensive & most importantly the best dang makeup remover out there that's gentle on your skin, but aids in getting even the most stubborn of eye makeup off.

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