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April 25, 2018

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Your Basic At Home Skin Care Routine

February 8, 2018


Having a great skin care routine is extremely important if you want to prevent pre-mature aging and also work on reversing the damage that you have already done.  It doesn’t take that long once you get into a habit of it and you will start to notice your habitual morning and evening routine is rewarding you with younger more vibrant skin.
So what does a good skin care routine look like?  First of all, you can’t expect a transformation with just washing your face with soap and then applying a moisturizer.  Just like anything in life, the older we get the more we need to do to maintain how we look and feel.  The best example is when we were kids and most of us didn’t need to do much except our daily chores and hanging out with friends to be in good shape. Growing up, I never had a focused workout routine.  Instead I worked around the ranch with my folks and played with my horses.  But now… completely different story. I try to be aware of what I’m eating and I make sure I maintain an exercise routine.  Point being, I have to do more now to maintain my goals physically. This also goes for skin care.
A great skin care routine has about five steps and happens morning and night.
Step 1 – Cleansing your face. Pretty straight forward. Make sure your cleanser is targeted for your skin condition. Also, sing “Happy Birthday” in your head while you are massaging the cleanser into your face. As goofy as it sounds it makes you take an appropriate amount of time to make sure you have actually removed all the makeup, dirt, and environmental toxins from your face. It’s also a great idea to use a soft white wash cloth. I prefer white because it reveals if you have removed all the makeup from your face. I really love a microfiber cloth because it is soft and gentle for my skin.
Step 2 – Activating Mist. This is such a necessary step that you mist on your face. A quick spritz and all of your next steps will be more effective. An activating mist helps your products penetrate deeper and spread easier. It also means that you are not using as much of the other products and they will last longer. In the long run, it will save you money on your serums. The other great benefit of the activating mist is that you can mist it over your mineral makeup. Minerals love moisture and when you mist the spray after your mineral makeup application it gives a beautiful finished look. It “sets” your makeup.
Step 3 – Serums. These are your game changers. If you want results with changing your skin for the better serums are like hitting the gym everyday and kicking your skin into shape. This is where I would highly recommend talking  to me. There are several to choose from and it’s important that you are using the correct product to target your specific needs and goals. Nothing irks me more than a serum that is called “Anti-Aging”. Well no duh, that’s what we all want, but are you aging from acne scars, redness, age-spots, or fine lines and wrinkles?  One serum is not one size fit all. We are unique and need the product that is geared specifically toward you. Not some generic “Anti-Aging” end all be all.
Step 4 – Eye Care.  None of us want the fine lines and wrinkles by our eyes. The sooner you make this one of your steps the better. Our eye area is so delicate. It is actually the thinnest skin on our body and that is why you need a specific cream for this area. Eye cream is designed specifically to treat this delicate skin. Always make sure you use your ring finger to apply the product as it is the weakest of all your fingers and will apply the least amount of pressure on that delicate skin. Also, always apply the product from the outside of your eye area toward your inner eye area. You don’t need to help those fine lines and wrinkles by dragging your finger across and creating more of an issue. One other benefit of a great highly moisturizing eye cream is you can also use it around those fine lines on your lips. You don’t need a special eye cream and lip cream. Kill two birds with stone and use one product for both areas.
Step 5 – Moisturizer and/or Sun Protection. Your final step in your daily skin care routine. These are the products that you’re going to instantly feel that improvement in moisture to your skin. They also are the final layer that helps your epidermal layer (outermost layer) protect you from the environment. In the mornings, always apply your sun protection. It is the number one product to help prevent pre-mature aging. At night, you want to massage in the moisturizer right for you. You may have normal to dry skin and just need a light moisturizer like Quench, looking for a boost and plumping effect like Quench Plus (it contains hyaluronic acid), or you are super dry and need some Immerse. Whatever the case may be, you need a moisturizer. It is the final step that brings everything together.
These are five great steps in starting your daily skin care routine. For some, you may need or want more steps as you get more savvy. Please feel free to reach out to me. There is never any pressure and I would be happy to share my skin care knowledge with you.
~ Heather


All these products can be purchased through Osmosisskincare.com.

You are going to need a code to in order to checkout – 17407

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