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Anti-Aging = Aging

April 25, 2018

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The Secret to Staying Young

March 9, 2018


“The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.” Lucille Ball


Thank you Lucille Ball!  She's partly right, I've convinced myself that I'm still in my late 20's.  Perhaps it's a positive mental mindset (that self-fulling prophecy kind of thing).  Or at least that's just what I tell myself - there is nothing wrong with living a little bit in denial if it makes you feel good.  

So when should you start worrying about aging?  Either we are trying to stop the clock or reverse it - ugh.



It still seems like yesterday when I asked my mother the first time if she would buy me some eye cream and anti-aging moisturizer - I was 12. Obviously my obsession with skin care started early.  But there's nothing wrong with starting to create good habits.  So let's breakdown the decades... eeessshhh ... Decade(s) in the plural.  Bringing myself back to my mental mindset of late 20's. While I'm doing that mental reset lets start down a skin care routine timeline.


Welcome the Teenage Years... 

In your tweens and teens be in a habit of wearing sunscreen everyday, washing your face morning and night, and applying some sort of moisturizer.  For many at this stage in life, fighting Acne is what causes so many of us to get into a routine of taking care of our skin.  One thing you can’t start too early is sun screen. That alone is going to be your preventive product from birth until death and it’s great idea to start to making it a habit everyday for you and your family.  


Cue the Roaring 20's (I totally want to do the flapper girl for Halloween one year)...

If your'e rolling into your 20's should you be worried about all that “Reverse the signs of aging” stuff?  Honestly, yup.  Sorry.  By the time we turn 25 a 1% annual decrease begins in the thickness and overall health of our skin begins. Meaning = you’re starting that aging process. CRAP. At this age, we just need the basics like a Vitamin A Serum, cleanser, and moisturizer (and of course don’t forget that sun screen).


It's a Slippery Slope - so hold on


After your 20's are over... well it’s all downhill from here.   Just kidding!  Only if you let it....   This is when most women start noticing all the changes to our skin. A line there, a wrinkle here, dryness sometimes - the complaints we can list are endless. This is why your routine at home will become more lengthy. Just like it takes extra work to stay in shape with more controlled diet and exercise, you have to use more things on your skin as well. Just like every other part of your life, you need to work a little harder to reach the same goals when you were younger. It’s frustrating - I know. Sometimes I just want to wash my face and crawl into bed. Or better yet - leave all that makeup on and go to sleep.  Once you're in your 30's we really DO want to stop the clock.  Your routine must have a Vitamin A Serum (for maintaining collagen and elastin), face wash, moisturizer, eye cream (you know your'e starting to see crow's feet - so don't let them get worse), and more than likely your'e adding one more serum to the bunch - possibly a Vitamin C or DNA repair (helps battle those age spots).  


When the 40's and 50's roll in - sheesh!  Now the crazy truly starts.  Dang hormones start making you wonder what did you ever do wrong to deserve how your body is treating you.  Not just internally, but externally you might start to see melasma show up, your face was never dry - but now it is.  Everyone goes through some changes and usually it is not an easy ride.  But hey, you got a routine in place for your skin care.  It might be time to rethink the products you are using.  What worked pre-menopause might not work now (or for the time being).  So what should your routine be now?????  You still gotta cleanse twice a day.  Hopefully you have 1- 2 serums that are addressing your specific needs (redness, dryness, random breakouts).  No question about it - Eye Cream!  An evening moisturizer and you guessed it -sunscreen (total broken record here). 


I know now that my eye cream fascination at 12 was a little premature, but the fact is I can't thank my mother enough to help nurture some great habits in regards to taking care of myself.  If you haven't already, it's time to start some good skin care habits early on.   If you feel like it’s too late for you - remember this... You’re not in the ground yet!  There are so many great products that actually work.  Please remember too that you did not age overnight so don't expect a product to turn back decades overnight.  The best thing to do is to just get started, no matter where you are at in life.  And remember what Lucille Ball - "Lie about your age." (Staying young is not a secret anymore.) 


Heres to Living Country. Beautifully. ~ H

The Cowgirl Esty is a licensed Esthetician.  She's here to recommend the best to take to achieve your goals of beautiful skin.  So feel free to send her an email: heather@thecowgirlesty.com.  She will call you personally and give you a free skin care analysis.  



FYI... If you decide you want to try some products from Osmosis Skin Care you will need the code 17407 to checkout. 


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