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Anti-Aging = Aging

April 25, 2018

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The Biggest Problems with Skincare Strategies

April 2, 2018


I’d just like to let you know what My Philosophy is for Treating Aging…

Simply put – I want to put good into the skin.    

For me, it’s a simple equation…

Reduce Inflammation + Restore Balance = Health Back into the Skin



With that out in the open... let's talk about different skincare strategies and why they do NOT work.




What are the Biggest Problems with most Skincare Strategies?

  1. Not much bang for your Buck – most skincare creates temporary results.                          My most favorite example of this was wandering through a trade show with a girlfriend.  They had everything from purses to clothes to saddles to skincare.  One of the vendors reeled my friend in for this a-maz-ing eye cream and it was only $150.00.  They applied it there on the spot and poof!  In a matter of seconds the bags under her eyes were gone.  To be honest, I was ready to buy.  Thank goodness she decided to keep shopping before she decided to buy this eye cream.  Within ten minutes her skin was itching and burning.  Within 30 minutes all the results were GONE!  We totally want instant results, but when you're spending some big bucks to look good I just want to say buyer beware when it "instantly" happens.  You would probably be better buying that $150.00 handbag instead.   

  2. Focused on the Wrong Target – most skincare doesn’t have a delivery system.   

     "Delivery System" is probably the most important difference between a good and a great skin care line.  Many products out there might have similar ingredients like Vitamin C, Hyluronic Acid, or Stem Cells, but if the product is not formulated properly (aka "Delivery System") then those ingredients will not absorb into the proper area of the skin where they can do the work to help with age reversal.  You have  the best intentions in mind by using Vitamin C on your skin, but that ingredient will not do you any good (may even cause an adverse reaction) if it does not penetrate to the cellular level.  

  3. Lack of Benefits – Most ingredients used today do not have a significant effect on the skin. 

     The skin care industry changes rapidly.  So fast, that sometimes it is even hard for me to keep up.  So often a new ingredient is being touted as the best product ever.  In reality, there is just usually a lot of great marketing and bull.  Be aware of something that is brand new that does not have ANY clinical studies.  The FDA does not do a great job at enforcing guidelines for skin care companies.  So buyer beware!  You're spending your hard earned dollars on something that is a waste of money and totally worthless to put on your skin.  Could be even worse and you have a major reaction.  

  4. Wounding is NOT an option – Most skincare lines include some type of wounding as part of achieving their temporary results. 

    I always use the example of deep lines in the skin and when you put a product on that wrinkle that causes inflammation (like caffeine, or glycolic) your skin reacts by getting puffy and voila that wrinkle is gone (for the moment).  That goes back to my first example of my friend trying out the eye cream.  That is why it instantly worked.  It was causing the eye area to puff up and swell and so those lines were totally gone.

I'm all about healing the skin and making it happy.  We constantly want to do things that damage our skin in the long run.  It is not a win win.  You will end up spending more money and working harder to reverse the damage from aggressive, inflammatory skincare.  


So let’s do some homework… take what your using and ask yourself if that product falls under any of the skincare strategies listed above.  You might want to reevaluate your program.  


Here's to Living Country. Beautifully. ~ H  








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