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Anti-Aging = Aging

April 25, 2018

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Anti-Aging = Aging

April 25, 2018

 Many treatments get put in our minds as being the right thing to do.  It always seems that there is at least one girlfriend that will try anything to reverse the clock & what do you think/see?  She ends up being the whispered topic of conversation.  Originally, she was doing some stuff on occasion.  You know... a splash of Botox, a dash of lip filler, maybe even a little nip & tuck here and there (that she would admit to).  In the beginning, most of us will admit - she looked AMAZING - better than amazing!  You start thinking I should totally do that too... a little splash and dash so to say.  But, you put it off and never did and more than likely - well thank goodness!!!  That girlfriend of yours now consistently goes to the doc for "upkeep" or "maintenance" and although you hate to admit it or say anything... she got a little carried away.  That secret whispering now isn't about how good she looks, but how all you notice is the work she has had done.  When that happens... well by now you figured out that some "anti-aging" treatments can cause some major setbacks!  Unfortunately  you're doing more damage than good. 


So let's break it down before you try to mimic your girlfriend who had totally good intent but is now full of regret... 


 Anti-Aging Treatments That May Cause Setbacks…

  • Botox – You can't deny this is one of the most popular treatments that gets instant results.  It does become a maintenance program and if you're focusing on your upper brow area beware that overtime you might notice that your forehead wrinkles are no more, but now your eyebrows are a little droopy.  Botox reduces circulation, slows lymphatic flow, and causes muscle atrophy.  

  • Retinoids – This is prescribed a lot at the derms office for a lot of issues.  Anywhere from Acne to wrinkles, you can bet this topical will be recommended.  Many people that have used Retinoids complain of sensitivity to the sun, redness, flaky skin, and redness.  I know I totally have you sold on this topical now!  The theory is that if you cause damage to the skin it will increase your cellular turnover.  Meaning new skin will come in faster and so the Acne will purge or the wrinkles will disappear because your skin is inflamed (so you can't see them anymore).  All in all this is an approach that I shutter at and is only a very short term solution that you will not reap long term benefits from.  

  • Multiple Laser Procedures – I can always spot a laser client from a mile away.  Those that have done multiple procedures usually have porcelain like skin.  They are certainly flawless for the time being.  Several surface layers (and sometimes more than that) have been melted off.  Leaving your face to fend for itself.  It's natural protective barrier is gone and the downtime for these procedures usually means you are locked in your house for a week while your skin is peeling off and healing.  Not to mention you look like a burn victim.  Sounds AWESOME - Right? This treatment causes major swelling and may scar the dermis (the place where your skin is always working to regenerate). 

These are just a few procedures and treatments that raise my brow (cause I still can -hehe) with concern.  I truly am passionate about age reversal, but I don't want you to notice I'm doing it.  I certainly don't want to be the whispered topic of the girlfriend that went to the extreme and now you don't even recognize her.  It's almost a joke saying, "Love the skin your in".  But it's kinda true.  Skin care it just like anything in life... consistency and maintenance is key.  Oh ya, and some patience if you're working on reversing something.  Sometimes the quick fix is great if you have a special event with some short notice.  But I'm here for the long game and want to be here for you for the long run as well.  

If you are truly looking to improve your skin with an approach that allows your skin to heal & regenerate from the inside out with permanent results then I would love to chat with ya!  Send me an email with your number: heather@thecowgirlesty.com and I will call you personally and give you a skin consultation customized to your goals and needs.  

Here's to Living Country. Beautifully. ~ H



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