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Oh how we damage our skin as cowgirls. Even when I am at work all day and inside I am yearning to be outside. I want to be at the barn saddling my horses with my husband or on the lake fishing and even all the yard work that living in the country entails. We are constantly exposing our skin not only to the constant sun, but the dust, dirt, wind, heat, and cold.

I grew up a country girl and how I love this life, but I would like to look good doing it. Fashions change and boots wear out and you can buy a new pair, but once you have wrinkles or those big ol’ age spots from sun damage they are a challenge to get rid of. Since 2007, I have been a licensed Esthetician and nothing bothers me more than this billion dollar skin care industry that cons so many women into buying products that are full of empty promises. AND what scares me even more is some of the products out there that are getting “results” have ingredients that I would not even apply to my horse. Some of these magical ingredients that are touted as the anti-aging magic lotion and potion are FULL of toxic ingredients that are illegal in many other countries and considered carcinogenic.

We do not all have the same skin type, the same skin problems, nor are we aging the same ways. My goal with each client is to treat your problems and your concerns. I am about a holistic approach… meaning the inside out. What your lifestyle is, what you eat, and health concerns can all be directly linked to how and why you are aging.

Skincare truly is my passion. I'm a professionally licensed Esthetician constantly educating myself on all the advances in my field.  Let me help you with your skin in a way that is healthy and will give you lasting results – not a quick fix.

It's all about Living Country. Beautifully.

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